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Looking For Adult Boxing Classes In RI?

Who Else Is Finally Ready To Start Shedding Fat,
Tone Their Muscles, Strengthen Their Core,
And Learn To Kick Some Ass?!

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Adult Boxing Classes In RI

The REAL Boxing Workout Meets High-Energy Fitness!

If you’re looking for a boxing gym in Rhode Island where you can experience a REAL boxing workout in a high-energy atmosphere then look no further. We are the perfect fusion of old-school boxing with modern fitness. When you walk into our boxing gym you’ll feel the energy and instantly know you’re in for a workout.

Nobody Does What We Do. Period!

We combine an authentic boxing workout on a variety of professional equipment with expert instruction and  motivating, high-energy music along with a 137″ movie screen! We will push your workouts to a whole new level. I promise that when you are finished with our workout you WILL know exactly why boxers are the BEST conditioned athletes on the planet! And you get to experience all of the benefits of the boxer’s workout without having to worry about getting hit. What’s better than that?!

You Have NOTHING To Lose…Accept Some Fat!

Do yourself a favor and just try our workout. You don’t have to be in top shape. You don’t have to have any experience. You just need a good attitude and to be willing to work hard.. Start now by just giving us a call to (401) 253 – 3539.

Boxing RI Premier Location

Why you should give us a try and what you WILL get with our REAL Boxing Workout that you WON’T get with other exercise classes ….


Boxing is the premier hand to hand form of combat. Our workouts are structured according to professional training methods. We don’t have our members punching the air for 30 minutes or just standing in front of a heavy bag the whole time. We also stress the proper technique of offensive and defensive fundamentals.Proper technique reduces risk of injury and unnecessary wear and strain on joints, which are common injuries associated with aerobic classes that teach improper punching technique. You will learn the sweet science!


There’s no hiding in the back of the room in our program. You will be known by your name and be expected to show up. You will get a GREAT workout each and every time because you will receive plenty of one-on-one attention. The bottom line is that the QUALITY of the workout is much greater in a small group setting than in your typical aerobics class. You will also receive lots of MOTIVATION and INSTRUCTION from 2-TIME GOLDEN GLOVES CHAMPION Jesse Amarelo.


Our REAL Boxing Workout is the complete workout! Unlike other sports which do little for muscles above the waist, boxing works both the upper and lower body. You will be strengthening, toning, and gaining edurance with our workout. It is the PERFECT combination of cardio and strength training. Our REAL Boxing Workout provides a superior workout while gaining an invaluable skill.


Included in your program is FULL use of our fitness center. Most boxing gyms or martial arts schools have an extremely limited amount of traditional exercise equipment. Not us! We have a full cardio area with treadmills, ellipticals, and bikes. We also have a ton of machines ranging from a total body circuit of Cybex plus a full line of Hammer Strength equipment.. And to top it off we have a large free weight area where you can really turn it up. You will be hard pressed to find a more complete boxing gym in Rhode Island.


It’s really that simple. Hey, if all of the celebrities are using it to get into great shape like Kim Kardashian, Tom Brady, Gwen Stafani, and Matthew McConaughey (just to name a few) then who am I to argue?! They have access to expert advice so there must be something to this boxing thing. 

Just try our adult boxing classes in RI for a week and see the results for yourself.

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NO! The beauty of our program is that ANYONE can do it regardless of your age, gender, or current fitness level. The class is structured into stations and it\\\’s all about you doing the best you can for that workout and then building off of your effort and doing a little more each week.
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