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Get Your Child
Involved In Our

After-School Boxing Program
And We Will
Help Turn Them
Into Tomorrow’s CHAMPION!

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The Work Ethic And Character That Your Child Will Develop From Our Boxer’s Workout Will Arm Them With The Tools For Future Success.
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What It Means At *ICON* To Be A Champion


If you look up the word “champion” in the dictionary it’s associated with coming in first in a competition.

And that’s all fine and good.

But to us it’s more than that. More than just competition.

It’s about life.

Being a champion means you 100% effort to the task at hand. Regardless of it’s nature.

It can be in the gym. Classroom. At home with chores.

It’s about giving it your all.

Focusing your energy and willpower to do your absolute best.

Our After-School Youth Boxing Program

Have you been looking for an after school activity for you child but just can’t seem to find one that will keep their interest?

I may be biased but you will have a hard time finding a program that will do more for your child than our boxing program.

First things first. There is no contact.

The workout is exactly that. A workout.

(We do offer separate days that involve drills and sparring for anyone looking for contact.)

The workout consists all the stations that a professional boxer would go through.

This includes all the different bag work, ring work, jump rope, and core conditioning.

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The Details

When: Tuesdays and Thursday from 3:45p to 4:45p

Who: Youth Boys & Girls ages 10 yrs – 18 yrs

Where: ICON Boxing Club 15 Gooding Ave Bristol RI 02809

How: To begin a risk-free trial (space permitting) call our club today (401) 253-3539 or click the button below and fill out the form

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